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Often the difference between success and failure in Web3 is staying up-to-date with the news; Whether that’s discovering the next big altcoin at the right time, understanding what L1/L2 networks to build on or knowing when projects are going to receive game changing updates.

Web3 is developing rapidly, in tandem the volume of news that’s published every day is enormous. This makes it a time consuming and near impossible task to discover and stay up-to-date on the topics that make a difference, whether you’re a trader, collector, developer, enthusiast or entrepreneur.

TopDog society was formed to solve the knowledge development issues of information discovery and overload in Web3. To do this we are building an AI-driven news platform, enabling you to discover, customise and digest the news that matters to you.

NFT Holder Benefits

Lifetime access to the SourceFeed Top Tier Subscription (all features)
Early access to new features and platform upgrades (Alpha, Beta…)
Access to SourceFeed features developed exclusively for NFT holders
Secured whitelist spot in the token pre-sale and eligibility for AirDrop
Alpha and early access on SourceFeed related projects
Lifetime discount on merchandise and tickets for events (i.e. TopDog Merch, SourceSummit…)

Platform Features

SourceFeed is an AI-Powered News Platform Enabling you to Track, Discover and Digest the News that Matters to You.

Customise your Feed - Aggregate all your Web3 news in one place with a customisable feed based on the topics/categories that matter to you.
Discover New Articles/Topics - Get recommended articles and topics to read based on your likes, dislikes and reading habits.
Summarise your News - Get expert summaries of articles and select what you want to read further (10x Discovery, 10x Time Saved, 10x bandwidth…).
Stay up-to-date with Bulletins - Create custom news bulletins with summaries on topics/categories; or let SourceFeed create a bulletin for you (daily, weekly or monthly).
Get Alerts when Events Occur - Create alert triggers for news around key topics/categories that matter to you.
Choose your format (Text, Audio & Video) - Consume the news in the format you want, with automatic video/audio options on articles.
Plug & Play UI - Create a custom SourceFeed dashboard to suit your design needs and likes.
Incentivising Knowledge - Get rewarded for reading, viewing or listening to the news; with gamified elements for engagement.

*Free and different tier paid versions of SourceFeed will be available. Features above are representative of planned SourceFeed platform post beta, Alpha will focus on news feed customisation and integration of AI engine across the platform.


*Roadmap update is coming soon with Alpha launch Q1 2024.

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